Marketing Law Attorneys act rapidly when you are the victim
of unfair commercial practices.

We make a legal assessment of what has happened and recommend suitable legal action; everything to prevent commercial damage to your business.
   Fast and resolute action is crucial.
   We won’t delay what can be done today!

We are able to call on long experience when pursuing cases through the EU courts. Frequently, however, we win redress long before going to court.

Lars-Erik Ström is an acknowledged authority within European marketing law.

You can establish direct contact with Lars-Erik Ström. He has practiced as an attorney-at-law since 1996. His specialism is European marketing law and he has long experience of legal procedure and achieving successful outcomes in the EU courts.

He also runs an extensive network of jurists specializing in marketing law in the EU countries.

Marketing Law Attorneys´ Network main office is in Copenhagen.

We make legal assessments of marketing in all its forms and in all commercial media. Our assessment covers both national laws and EU Law, as they apply to marketing, Trade marks, copyright, competition and the special rules for certain goods and services.

In our assessment we give you an operative legal recommendation and proposals to avoid legal pitfalls.

>> This is how we start work on your case.

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