We help you to protect and uphold your brands
in a competitive marketplace.

Our clients are marketing and advertising people in companies active in B2B and B2C marketing – as well as their advertising agencies. Our one and only task is to create the maximum legal space for you to uphold your business and brands in a competitive marketplace.

Frequent legal issues in our experience:

  • distortion of competition that arises on account of unfair marketing
  • lookalikes in advertising and packaging - unfair to customers
  • promotional contests and games in product marketing
  • misleading or exaggerated product claims  in advertising and lack of information
  • exploiting commercially another’s good name and reputation without authorization
  • discrediting another company by subjecting it to contempt or ridicule
  • protection of copyright and Trade Marks  or other IP rights
  • the legal rules governing Internet advertising

The European Trade Mark: One Market – One Trade Mark

We help our clients to establish European trademark protection in Europe. This is by far the cheapest and most effective way to protect your trade mark. The EU has its own Community Trade Mark (CTM) covering all EU member States through one single trade mark application.

Preliminary Check

We start with a quick preliminary check to establish that your Trade Mark is eligible for  EU-registration. To do this, we only need to know to which product or service your brand or Trade mark is attributed. You will have an answer right away.

National Trade Mark Registration

We also help our clients apply for national trademark registration in each of the EU Member States. Please ask us for an application quotation.

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