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We understand marketing and advertising.

We have in-depth knowledge of the special conditions that apply to marketing. We also possess a strategic view of commercial activities and the law as they relate to B2B and B2C marketing. We are able to call on long experience when pursuing cases through the EU courts.
   With good reason we have been the law firm of choice for companies making heavy use of marketing in the EU internal market.

Speed and Experience our Strengths – Marketing Law our Weapon.

We are lawyers specializing in EU marketing law together with copyright and Trade Mark law and other legal issues connected to Commercial Marketing. We form a Lawyers’ Network with legal experts covering marketing law in the EU Member States and at the EU Community level.
   We won’t delay what can be done today!
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   We then act resolutely on your behalf in order to limit your company’s commercial loss. Our long and wide-ranging experience enables us to act without delay.

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Lars-Erik Ström
Chief Executive of Marketing Law Attorneys

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